Electric Vehicle Rally

Keep Calm And Go Electric,Get Ready To Re-Volt,Boom With No Vroom,Electrify Your Imagination,

About Us

EVER Egypt : Electric Vehicle Rally

The Electric Vehicle Rally(EVER) is an energy efficiency competition. EVER is giving young engineers the opportunity to challenge and asses their technical and creative skills in designing, building and developing an urban concept of an electric vehicle.

Our Mission

EVER is a competition aiming to increase the capacity of engineers in Electric Vehicle Industry. The main mission of this competition is to create more interdisciplinary engineering graduates with the needed knowledge, hands-on skills and experience in designing, manufacturing and operating electric vehicles. This is a step needed to create the required human resources to power an electric vehicle industry in Egypt. ​Empowerment of an electric vehicle industry in Egypt could make a huge positive impact on the sustainable development strategy for 2030 vision.



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